Aftershock Team Members

Our members hail from all over Northern California & Nevada. Here is a list of our members...

Kellee Ramirez ~ Director, Richard Willyard, Judy Loop, Phyllis McGrath, Carol Vaughn, Oscar (OJ) Erickson, Michelle John-Smith, Dale Petros, Cindy Smith, Tara Theimann, Sara Wheeler, Peggy Elmen, Ian Smith, Kaylee Smith, Katelynn Dillingham, Sue Douse, Michele Hill, Leslie Fry, Samantha Higgins, Diana Williamson, Hailey Ramirez, Logan Chavez, Connor Chavez, Maddy Phillips, and Chris Ramirez



Want to dance with us??

Do you think you might want to dance with Aftershock??? Are you willing to make the commitment to have FUN!!! Drop us a line for more information, we might just be what you are looking for. AFTERSHOCK EMAIL ADDRESS

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